PCB Inspection Methods

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As we all know, both PCB design and PCB inspection are very crucial in the PCB process. In this article, EPCB share five useful methods to increase your PCB inspection efficiency. 

First of all, before welding, you should check your PCBs to make sure the key circuit, especially the power and ground, is good, that means they are not short. And after welding a chip, you still need to make sure that the PCB can run smoothly. 

Secondly, you should use computer to open your PCB diagram, and mark the short net when checking. Remember to pay more attention to the integrated circuit internal short.  

Next, it is common to find that there exists short phenomenon. Just using one PCB to cut circuit, and then rule out the good part by electrifying every functional part one by one. Or you can use short position analyzer, or short-circuit tracking equipment to find out the short part. 

In addition, assume that your PCB is a multilayer one, you’d better separate the chip and power, and use bead and 0-ohm resistance to connect. So if the power and ground is short, you can easily find out the short chip just by disconnecting bead. 

Finally, great attention must be paid when welding a small-size surface-mount capacitance. That’s because the power and ground is easily short if the number of a power capacitor quantity is large. Besides, it is better to test the capacitance before welding in case of itself is short.


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