PCB Laser Cleaning and Traditional Cleaning

Dated:2016-12-25      Popularity:1212

Cleaning by Laser Technology

EPCB explained laser marking and traditional marking in PCB before, and today we’d like to make a comparison between laser cleaning and traditional cleaning in detail.

The traditional PCB code is to make a label or ink mark, and there are three traditional ways to clean the PCB mark. They are commonly used before, now they are gradually replaced because they have the following disadvantages:
1. Chemical cleaning has severe pollution to our environment, and the remaining moisture reagent in the PCB will lead to potential risks of short circuit and electric leakage.
2. Hand-wipe by using rubber or fiber will definitely generate high workload and lead to low efficiency and unstable cleaning quality. 
3. Use automated machine like wipe machine to clean PCB can reduce workload and improve efficiency and cleaning quality as 3 times that of manual work. Different cleaning parameter can be set according to different oxide layer and dirt, and the cleaning quality can be ensured. 

Instead of the traditional fiber and rubber wipe machine, PCB laser wipe machine use super speed scanning system to clean PCBs, the fast of which is 10times the traditional artificial cleaning. Advantages of laser processing are as follows: 
1. The operation is easy to learn and use, that’s because its dynamics self-compensating can achieve easier operation.
2. Laser wipe machine runs more efficient with low noise, and owns a strong dust-arrester system.
3. Even the line or surface of PCB is irregular, it won’t have any influence on laser wipe machine.


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