PCB Laser Cutting Machine

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PCB laser cutting machine

The idea of manufacturing printed circuit boards via computer digital control opens the way for simple PCB process rather than complex chemical process. Computer digital control enables the use of high-precision hardware to manufacture ultra high quality lathed piece. Many auto parts are manufactured according to quality standards  by using computer digital control. 

This method uses a high power laser cutting machine to engrave traces on a PCB substrate. The major advantage is that after CAD the computer can evaporate the unwanted copper traces by directly craving as per the designed image on the PCB substrate. This avoids the use of a range of chemicals and multiple steps. The printed circuit board quality depends on the resolution of the hardware used to shine the laser onto the surface.

Ordinary PCB substrate cannot be directly used since it would disintegrate once it comes in contact with the laser, thus only special substrate and low power laser are preferred. By this way, large current thick copper traces can be used without the loss of copper structure by chemical etching.

Advantages of laser cutting machine
1.Power electronics with high power rating requires thicker traces and there is a slight possibility of distorted edges due to prolonged chemical exposure. Computer digital control laser cutting machine can eliminate such issues.
2.Simpler manufacturing process
3.Elimination of stray conductance due to the use chemical process

Disadvantages of laser cutting machine
1.Costly-- Although it can yield high quality PCB traces it is quite costly when produced on a industrial scale.
2.Resolution limit-- Some traces are only few micrometers thick so laser cutting may yield poor quality when the printable material shrinks in size.

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