PCB Laser Marking and Ink-Jet Marking

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Laser Marking

Printed circuit board or PCB is an important part in electronic industry; its output value has steadily increased year by year. However, a troublesome bottleneck emerges --- traditional machine is hard to meet customers' quality requirements while common laser fails to meet customers' quantity requirements. Meanwhile, to avoid counterfeit, manufacturers usually use anti-counterfeiting technology to mark products.

At the present stage, ink-jet is widely used in PCB industry. However, there exist some problems, like high cost, great material consumption, professional maintenance, environment pollution, etc. The worst is that though manufactures pay a lot, the mark made by ink-jet is easily wiped and changed by others. 

Fortunately, with the high development of advanced technology, laser marker is invented to solve this problem. It is able to process serial number and two-dimension code, and record production information for tracing and quality control. As ink-jet fails to keep pace with the development of the industry, laser marking is expanding rapidly in PCB industry and replacing it gradually. 


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