PCB Layout Considerations

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Printed circuit board layout may be considered by the circuit designer as an art form. Creating the most reliable, functional and cost-effective finished PCBs is really a challenging task, especially in today's increasingly demanding requirements for compact, light-weight, and even flexible boards.

One of the primary considerations for PCB layout is its size and shape. The end result must adapt to the environment where circuit board will be installed and used to promote the design process. Space considerations may require the use of multilayer or high density interconnect (HDI) designs. Some projects require specialized board shape and weight limitations, making the layout particularly challenging.

Though this may not be a major consideration when designing a initial but functional circuit, it will become a higher priority when laying out PCBs for product manufacturing.

Consider your manufacturer in PCB layout phase. Not all manufacturers can fabricate high volume of multilayer boards or HDI PCBs. Most PCB layout designs require a review of technologies such as flexible or rigid-flex structures and the proposed vendor needs to be reviewed to ensure layout design and material requirements are met.

Most PCB layout designs require a review of technologies like flexible or rigid-flex structures with your manufacturer to ensure layout design and material are met the requirements and within their capability. 

Special requirements such as the need to incorporate lead-free construction or avoid potentially hazardous materials can be key points when making layout and construction decisions.

Lack of effective and accurate layout can lead to almost limitless issues, including: electromagnetic interference from conflicting components or trace placement, conflicts between components on opposite sides of the board, redesigned and delays in manufacturing, limited board functionality, etc.

PCB Layout  

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