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PCB Board

For electronic products, the printed circuit board design is a design process that must be passed from the electrical schematic to a specific product. The rationality of the PCB design is closely related to product manufacturing and quality. In this article, EPCB would like to share some useful PCB layout rules which are concluded from our experience.

The general placement order of components on a printed circuit board are as follows:

1.After placing components like power outlets, indicator lights, switches, connectors, etc. close to the structure, locking them with software's LOCK function so that they won’t be misplaced later.

2.Special components and large components like heating elements, transformers, ICs, etc. should be placed on the circuit.

3.Place small devices. The distance from components to the board edge: if possible, all components are placed within 3mm from the board edge or at least greater than the board thickness. This is to prevent the edge portion from being chipped due to the outer shape processing. If there are too many components on the printed circuit board which cause the distance from components to board edge exceeds the 3mm range, then a 3mm auxiliary edge should be added to the board edge. Make a V-shaped groove on the auxiliary edge, which can be broken by hand during production.

4.Isolation between high and low pressures: In many printed circuit boards, they have high voltage circuits and low voltage circuits at the same time. The components of the high-voltage circuit and the components of the low-voltage part must be separately placed. The isolation distance is related to the withstand voltage. Under normal circumstances, when the voltage is at 2000kV, the distance from the board is 2mm.

PCB Layout Design  

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