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Printed circuit board design has become increasingly challenging with the introduction of high-density boards that must provide more functionality in less space. It is not easy to layout smaller boards with tighter routing and larger numbers of components. PCB layout software is a really effective tool which can transform layout into a working product efficiently, whether for prototypes or production-ready boards. It is so useful that applied in a number of ways:

Storing templates for reuse: Designers can reuse their previous layout when new board has similar functionality with the past one. Starting from a working template ensures that the process starts with a time-proven design, and adding/removing components from that point. It also can reduce the cycle time and improve the quality.

Process flow: Layout software enforces best practices for PCB design. By utilizing tools incorporated in the software, designers produce schematics and layouts following standard methodologies and techniques.

Documentation: Software tools can save layout designs in standard formats for future reference and reuse. Illustrations and layout documents can also be printed for working with manufacturers or for submitting designs for quotes by potential vendors.

Design rule checking: Rule checking can avoid unnecessary problems before they’re designed into the PCB. Based on component types, such functions can ensure that spacing is within tolerances, there are no problems with size limitations, other layout rules that pertain to object types, layers, and much more.

Board quality: Layout software can analyze complex designs, and help you solve conflicts between components or circuit paths which may generate problems from track width, physical component or board size, and even electromagnetic interference from other board elements.

PCB Layout  

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