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PCB Manufacturer

To facilitate the procurement staff, our company offers a platform for you to choose your right PCB manufacturer. Manufacturers we recommended all have excellent business reputation providing high-quality PCB board and excellent after-sales service.

As we all know, the quality of products can determine if the enterprise can survive in the industry. As to PCB board, 3 main factors affect its quality, they are raw materials, production equipment and production processes. To protect the interests of customers and ensure the board quality, we have carefully examined PCB manufacturers’ three important factors.

First of all, raw materials are of military-quality level. Excellent board can avoid problems like blistering, cracking, delamination, twist, uneven thickness, etc. Thus, finished boards are more stable, durable and safe than boards made by other materials.

Secondly, purchase sophisticated PCB production equipment constantly. Know the development trend of the industry equipment, upgrade equipment positively, and willing to make the introduction of efficient and sophisticated equipment so as to quickly solve the customer urgent needs.

Next, all PCB manufacturers must in strict accordance with rules during PCB production process. Whether in electroplating, chemical, mechanical operations, etc., they should be in line with norms and standards, and test boards in each process in order to ensure that no problem will be exist in any process, thus the reliability and stability of a printed circuit board is ensured.

Besides, manufacturers also need to actively explore more solutions for quality control during PCB production process. The further technical means of PCB product quality control covering 70 minutes of photoelectrical time, backlight test after the copper sink, AOI optical scanning, high speed screw flying needle machine testing, high-precision laser text printing, etc.

PCB product quality control can have outstanding achievements through the above aspects and the comprehensive use of high-tech. Manufacturers we recommended have high levels in hole copper thickness, surface copper thickness, hole copper adhesion, the line through rate, board yield, text clarity, text accuracy, etc.

PCB Manufacturers  

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