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Expensive PCB manufacturing machines are used to make PCB boards. The better the quality, the higher the precision, the higher the machine cost, so a relatively high investment is required for PCB manufacturing equipment. PCB manufacturing machines range from laser plotters for printing PCB circuits to films to pick-and-place machines for assembling components for PCBA (PCB assembly) fabrication. We will describe 3 most common PCB manufacturing machines used in the PCB manufacturing process in this article.

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine 
It is used to detect PCB board automatically for errors by using a special algorithm. The machine also has a screen projection of the PCB board in the computer monitor. The zoomed view can be used for clear eye inspection. Optical inspection can also be used to precisely punch holes in the exact place with the aim of aligning holes with other planes of multilayer PCBs.

PCB Automatic Optical Inspection Machine

Laser Plotter
It is a plotter with laser technology for printing negatives films on computer-designed PCB circuits. The difference between this plotter and random plotter lies in its high precision and high accuracy. An important thing to consider is to ensure that no dust or other unwanted pieces are present on the laminated sheet during the printing process. This is because the presence of such particles can cause the connection in the PCB to be cut off or short-circuited.

PCB Laser Plotter

Pick-and-Place Machine 
It used to place components on a PCB assembly board. The component is extracted from stripes by a magnetic nail and then pressed them on a solder paste board at the exact coordinates. The paste is put onto the board by using a PCB mask, while the coordinates are read from the computer, in most cases from an excel file. Complex pick-and-place machines place the paste in an automated way by using the same principles as placing components. This precision machine can also cure PCBs at the temperature of about 90 degrees after assembly.

PCB Pick-and-Place Machine

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