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PCB Board

In the world of the modern electronic products, printed circuit board plays important role in assembling electronic products. You can hardly find one electronic device without PCB, so the quality of PCB board has an impact on the performance of electronic products. 

During PCB assembly, put excess soldering paste on pads, or soldering paste not enough, even never put soldering paste, then carry out reflow soldering, after that once soldering point take shape, there will have defect on connect between components and PCB. In fact, most of defect can be found out relevant quality’s good and bad trace with the help of soldering paste’s situation of application.

Currently, a lot of PCB manufacturers have already used in-circuit test, AOI machine or by X-ray technology. They will be conducive to eliminate defect that generated by art of printing, but these ways cannot supervise art of printing. Misprinted PCB maybe need to accept following increased processing steps, every step will lead different increasing produce cost, finally the defected PCB will be gone to SMT. Manufacturers have to discard the defective PCB or accept expensive cost and take more time to rework, at same time, may be cannot get specific answer for this defect. 

Poor solder paste printing process implementation can cause electronic circuit connection problems. In order to effectively solve this problem, many screen printing equipment manufacturers use online machine vision detection technology.


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