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Early 20th century to the late 40s is the embryonic stage of the development of PCB substrate material industry. During this period, resin, reinforcing material and insulating substrate greatly emerged, and the technology has been tentatively explored. These created the necessary conditions for the advent and development of CCL, which is the most typical printed circuit board substrate material. On the other hand, the PCB manufacturing technology, which is mainly made by metal foil etching method (subtractive process), has been initially established and developed.

In 1947, CCL was used in a real scale for the first time in the PCB production process, and then PCB substrate material industry has entered its initial stage of development.

During this period, advances in the manufacturing technology of raw materials like organic resins, reinforcing materials, copper foils, etc. used for substrate materials have provided strong impetus to the development of the substrate materials industry. Because of this, substrate material manufacturing technology began to mature step by step.

Demand for PCB products in the world market is rapidly expanded, so that PCB substrate material product output, variety, technology, all have been developed fast, and multilayer boards emerge at this stage. In the late 1980s, portable electronic products like notebooks, mobile phones and camcorders began to enter the market.

A new generation of multilayer boards for high-density wiring- build-up multilayer PCBs (BUMs) came out in the 1990s. This important technology challenges the traditional CCL technology. PCB substrate materials, whether in the manufacture of materials, production varieties, the organizational structure of the substrate, the performance characteristics, or the function of the product, have got new changes and new creation.

PCB Board Material  

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