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In this dynamic and competitive environment, successful PCB manufacturing must follow eight steps. Here we talk the fifth point in detail--- stay on top of materials

The price of holding excess stocks of raw materials in the factory can rival labor cost differentials in manufacturing in different locations across the world. Relatively frequent stock checks have become essential across the entire factory because significant discrepancies can accumulate between volumes recorded in the ERP system and the physical volume of raw materials held on site. 

Problems related to material logistics have also spun out of control as raw material volumes have become unmanageable. Specific PCB management requirements for materials used in surface mount technology (SMT) processes (e.g., progressive moisture contamination) are often compromised, leading to quality shortfalls.

To regain some control, new tools uniquely identify all materials in the PCB assembly factory using barcodes. Each material has assigned attributes that inform advanced stock management and tracking procedures, including support for SMT-specific issues such as the baking and dry storage of materials that are particularly sensitive to moisture. Accurate live materials consumption information is synchronized with ERP tools to adjust re-order quantities and ensure the integrity of the inventory.

This eliminates the need for periodic physical stock checks and reduces re-work and quality failures. It also cuts the volume of material stocked both in the warehouse while increasing productivity and making it easier to rework production schedules.


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