PCB Organic Stripping Liquid

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PCB Stripping Liquid

With the development of multi-functional, miniaturization and lightweight electronic products, the design of thin lines become the inevitable trend of PCB production. The traditional inorganic base solution like sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc can not meet the processing requirements for fine lines, the industry has gradually developed a new type of organic base as the main component of the water-soluble organic stripping liquid.

The new organic stripping liquid with organic base as the main component has the advantages of high efficiency of stripping, weak attack on tin plating and copper surface, large capacity, long maintenance period, etc. As a result, water-soluble organic base stripping liquid has been accepted by more and more PCB manufacturers.

The new type of organic stripping liquid can solve the bottleneck encountered in the traditional inorganic stripping liquid at this stage and meet the quality requirements for current printed circuit boards. The main advantages are:

1.Suitable for removing dry film of the fine line which can ensure the quality of subsequent etching;

2.Fast rate at removing the dry film than the traditional inorganic stripping liquid, especially have a good speed and efficiency for the second dry film removal;

3.Not corrode the copper surface, tin surface, gold surface, not attack green solder mask and the like;

4.Film was fine and uniform granular, membrane size is moderate, easy to filter, do not plug the nozzle;

5.Long liquid life, maintenance cycle is 7 to 10 days, greatly enhance the production efficiency;

6.Less waste liquid, low COD content, meet customer wastewater treatment requirements;

7.Generate small amount of foam, which can reduce the waste caused by overflow of liquid, and consume less defoamer.

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