PCB Panelization

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PCB Panelization

Some PCB board is really small with irregular outlines, bringing much trouble to PCB manufacturer process as single pcs. To improve fabrication efficiency, PCB manufacturers usually require panelized PCBs, which not only can shorten PCB manufacturing lead time, but is easy to control quality and count PCB quantity before shipment. In this article, EPCB will outline four types of PCB panelization, and hope it really useful for you.

The most common way is panelization with break-away but without spacing between each single pcs. Most customers do not have any special requirements on PCB outline, so V-CUT is often used to depanelize the PCB into single pcs. 

Compared to type 1, this panel board type has both break-away and spacing between each single pcs. If customers have special requirements on PCB outline and board edge, we will use the profile of routing, thus, it requires spacing between each single board, generally the spacing is within 1.5~2mm. 

As to a panelization without break-away, it is convenient for shipment, but not helpful for follow-up process, but this kind of panelization will save cost for board edge, so the wholr cost can be reduced to some extent. 

Finally is a panelization with stamp holes, PCB manufacturers could use stamp hole connection to control and reduce burs, so the stamp holes can be used to replace V-CUT.

PCB  Panelization  

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