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As we mentioned before, PCB prototype is important prior to mass fabrication. In this article, EPCB will discuss PCB prototype design software’s advantages, and how to choose it.

The advantages of using prototype software are as follows:
Software ensures adherence to standards and alerts designers to some obvious errors.
Save cost by reducing changes and rework.
Identify design errors or potential problems in the prototype phase prior to manufacturing.

Prototype design software is offered in sophistication levels focused on beginners and hobbyists, intermediate electronic technicians, and experienced professionals. There are a number of features that should be considered when choosing prototype software:

Price: If software is not affordable, the product is immediately eliminated. However, there are very sophisticated and full-featured products offered at no cost by some vendors.

Easy to use: Software that is difficult to navigate and understand will take much longer to provide efficiency and value to the user.

Support: It is best to combine integrated help, online documentation and help topics, and live support contacts, because anything less may increase the learning curve and slow the project or generation of prototypes.

Development of schematics: Creation of schematics is often an initial stage of generating a prototype. This process should include features to place and edit routing, board components and other electrical elements, and graphics desired.

PCB Prototype  

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