PCB Prototype Service

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PCB Prototype

It is well known that start verification of design with PCB prototype really benefits your PCB project. 

When developing a new product, the PCB prototyping service can benefit you from the design up to the production stage. It is very important for new versions of designs to be iterated through when a new product is being developed. And it is better to have the changes done in the early stages than when the product production is at the final stage. With PCB prototyping service, one can find design change requirements in time during the cycle of development. PCB prototyping service can point design errors in prototype production which can promise your design is refined without spending much.

PCB prototype service is also perfect for small volume order whose quantity is at least 5 boards. Though the prototype PCB do not possess tolerance for high production as that of standard circuit boards, they are quite important for designer to have a precise view about the turnout which can ensure that finished boards are all in good function. 

When upgrading surface mount based solutions, it is important for one to order solder stencils that would be used for assembling prototypes. Circuit designs have to be tested and ensured they are good for large production. After an optimized design is available, the PCB prototyping service can help with high volume production. The service supports track widths down to 3 mils and also tracking spacing down to 3 mils. The prototyping service has the ability of printing advanced circuit in dimensions that are up to 600x700mm. This allows one to make an implementation even on the apex PCB designs. 

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