PCB Prototype

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PCB Prototype

Since EPCB has explained PCB basics many times, we decide to talk about PCB prototype in this article.

PCB prototype is one of the most important parts for any designer, because it allows testing a given design to find out if it will work as expected. So designers can debug and correct any error before mass production. In complex circuit boards, a slight mistake can be very expensive and time consuming to correct. After soldering the board, it is really difficult to point out the error on the board. Therefore, it is really wise to design a PCB prototype prior to actual production in order to avoid any future risk. Without a PCB prototype, there always remains a risk with the mass production of electronic circuit boards and related products.

When designing a new circuit, it is important to draw a circuit board schematic prior to making a circuit board prototype. A circuit board schematic will help to debug and fix any mistake made during the process, so it is a must to make a PCB prototype when needs complex and tailor-made circuit boards.

PCB Prototype  

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