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Suppose we all have had enough basics about printed circuit boards, in this article EPCB skips to explain the PCB board prototyping. PCB prototyping is fundamental to complicated PCB board layout, especially in a mass fabrication, prototyping are really useful because if a PCB prototype can function as designed, then the manufacturer will fabricate printed circuit boards in the large scale as per that prototype.

Actually, PCB prototyping is almost made in any PCB manufacturing process. Its function is to expose potential mistakes as per the original design, and correct them before the mass fabrication. 

The PCB prototype includes a series of the accompanying processes. The photoengraving means that the format or schematic is engraved on a circuit board substrate. Then if it is a multilayer PCB board, they need to be consolidated which is called as the lamination process. After that is the drilling process during which the openings are made. The following step is the solder plating process, and finally is to test the finished printed circuit board using any of the techniques like flying test. 

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