PCB Schematics

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PCB schematics are representations of electronic circuits along with its components and connections using specific and standard symbols. The two symbols used in the PCB schematic are resistors.
PCB schematic-resistors

These two symbols represent the same component and are allowed to be used anywhere. The symbols shown below represent two different types of capacitors, the symbols on the left represent non-polar capacitors and the symbols on the right represent polar capacitors.

PCB schematic-capacitors

Different types of diodes are indicated by different symbols, and the right diode indicates a light-emitting diode (LED).

PCB schematic-diode

Voltage and current sources are represented with the subsequent symbols:

PCB schematics

The IC is shown as a rectangle, with the corresponding pins as shown below:


The BJT transistors below are of NPN and PNP type.


The following symbols represent the op amp, inductor, ground, VCC source, and a 2-pin connector.

PCB Schematics

The schematic that uses these symbols and their connection designed and placed on paper is used to create the layout for PCB to be printed during manufacturing. Circuit components must be realigned to best fit the printed circuit board and meet all the standards for a professional PCB. Components may have different sizes, and the board size may be limited, so the design of PCB layout contains artwork in addition to the engineering design. 

PCB Schematics  

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