PCB Solder Mask Color

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The solder mask is a layer made of polymer material used on the PCB board to protect the copper from corrosion or to prevent shorts between traces or component pins.

PCB solder mask can be in various colors, of which green is the most common and classic one. In addition to the green, solder mask colors can be red, blue, black, white and yellow.

Other colors like purple and grey can be used in smaller ranges. Mat colors are also available, but very few suppliers offer this mask as it is more expensive compared to standard colors mentioned above. The selection of solder mask color is based on a variety of reasons, such as the ability to easily see the track, the visibility of white markings used for orientation line, as well as the manufacturer's name, the source and type of the PCB, the look and style of the product, thermal properties and harmony with other components. We will briefly describe the common solder mask colors in this article.

Red solder mask- track less obvious than the green and yellow PCB, but still used very  common.

red pcb

Black solder Mask- tracks are very difficult to notice in black color without auxiliary tools. Poor thermal performance but suitable for LCD displays when they are exposed to the user.

black PCB

Green solder mask- the most commonly used, classic and practical color allow people to see the trajectory and markers by naked eyes.

green PCB

White solder mask- unless otherwise specified, it is not recommended. Tracks almost invisible and hard to clean, thus it is rarely used.

white pcb

Blue solder mask- it is often used. Tracks are a little more difficult to see compared with green solder mask.

blue pcb

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