PCB Stackup Design

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There are many factors that PCB manufacturers need to consider when designing a PCB stack-up. As a CAD engineer, they usually pay more attention to wiring layers to facilitate later wiring. Of course, signal quality and EMC issues are also the focus of CAD engineers. However, PCB stack-up is the most important one for them as it connects with the cost directly.

General principles  for single-layer PCB stack-up:

1.The layer adjacent to the component plane is a ground plane, providing a device shield and a return plane for the top layer wiring;

2.All signal layers are as close as possible to the ground plane (to ensure that the critical signal layer is adjacent to the ground plane);

3.The main power is as close as possible to ground;

4.Try to avoid two signal layers directly adjacent;

5.Taking into account the symmetry of the laminated structure. For specific PCB layer settings, flexible use the above principles according to the actual needs of the board to determine the arrangement of layers.

common design specifications for multi-layer PCB stack

PCB Board  Stackup Design  

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