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IPC-International Electronics Industry Association released a global research report: "2016 PCB Technology Trends." The report utilizes data research method, focusing on how PCB manufacturers meet current technological development requirements and technological change issues affecting industry by 2021.

The report collects data from 118 worldwide electronics assembly companies and PCB manufacturers, sorted by the following five areas of application: automotive, defense and aerospace, high-end systems, industrial, medical electronics.

The contents in this 237-page report are related to board properties such as thickness, layer number, heat dissipation and tolerances; miniaturization aspects such as line width and spacing, I/O pitch, through hole diameter, aspect ratio, through hole structure, etc.; PCB material such as rigid, flexible, ductility, metal core, reinforcement, thermal performance, lead-free, halogen-free, and surface treatment; special structure such as embedded, optical channel, and chip package. At the same time, the study also conducted a survey on the use of printed electronics like 3D printing.

The study found that more than half of the data providers used pressure fit technology to produce or assemble vias to meet tolerance requirements. One-third of the standard through-plate manufacturers predicted new tolerances by 2021. In addition, the study found that most of today's companies use the reduced production process to achieve a very fine line width and spacing requirements, but in the next four years, will gradually be converted into additive or semi-additive and graphic printing production process. The study also found that only 1% of the data providers use scalable materials, but by 2021, their users are expected to exceed 20%. Companies involved in the survey also predicted that in the next few years, PCB manufacturing in the chip package or module ratio will continue to rise.

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