PCB Trace Carrying Capacity

Dated:2018-01-26      Popularity:1278

PCB current carrying capacity lacks an authoritative technical calculation methods and formulas. Experienced layout engineers can rely on their personal experience to make more accurate judgments, however, it is really a problem for new comers.

Current carrying capacity of PCB depends on the following factors: line width, line thickness (copper foil thickness), allowable risen temperature. We all know that the wider the PCB trace, the greater the current carrying capacity.

However, many people have a misunderstanding. For example, suppose under the same conditions, 10mil alignment can withstand 1A, then 50mil alignment can withstand how much current? Many people take it for granted that it must 5A. But in fact, PCB current carrying capacity can not be calculated just by the line width, the following data from international authorities is for your reference:

PCB Trace Carrying Capacity

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