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PCBs are used by every electrical and electronics engineering students, hobbyists, professionals, etc. But have you ever tried to join the tracks of PCB? The following guide can help  you to join PCB track and complete a circuit. 

You will be requiring the following things before joining the PCB tracks. They are printed circuit board, scraper, soldering iron, soldering paste, soldering wire, sucker, and some extra wires.

Scrape the board before soldering
You might have observed a thin plastic layer on the board. When the thin layer is there on the board, you will not be able to apply soldering wire to it. Therefore, you need a scraper to scrape and clean the thin plastic layer. Then start applying components on to your PCB.

soldering iron

Use soldering iron
In this step, warming the soldering iron first. You can check the warmness of the soldering iron by placing the soldering wire near it. If it starts melting, the soldering iron is warm enough that you can put components on the board. Before applying components on the board with soldering iron, make it sure that the tip of soldering iron is clean enough. If the tip of soldering iron is not cleaned, then place the tip in the soldering paste to clean it.

What can you do if you placed the component in a wrong place or position? If it happens, you can make the use of a sucker. Sucker is a gadget for de-adhesion of the components. All you need is to warm the soldered component on the board and then apply sucker to it. The sucker will suck the soldering wire patch, hence, the component would set free from PCB track.

PCB Track  Soldering  

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