PCBs Used in 5 Main Industries

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Electronics products have penetrated in our modern daily life. They are at the root of everything from cell phones to kitchen appliances; where you can see them, you can find the printed circuit board too. PCB boards are the foundation of the vast majority of electronic products. The following are 5 main industries using printed circuit boards.

PCBs in Automotive and Aerospace Industry
Printed circuit boards are highly used in the automotive and aerospace industry. As aerospace and automotive applications are such a high vibration environment; flexible PCBs are commonly the basis for automotive and aerospace applications.

PCBs in Consumer Electronics
With consumer electronics like cell phones, televisions, computers, etc. play a great role in our daily life, it is obviously that the impact and utility of PCB boards are remarkable because these products all need printed circuit boards in their production. 

PCBs in Industrial Applications
Printed circuit boards play a major role in industrial manufacturing, especially for high power industrial applications. High power motor controllers, industrial load testers and high current battery chargers are contained by high current industrial applications.

PCBs in Medical Industry
PCB boards are also widely used in medical industry. Because the special constraints of medical devices and wearable type devices are largely needed, so specialty high density PCBs are commonly used in medical device applications. 


PCBs for Lighting Solutions
LED based lighting solutions are gaining ground in popularity due to their low power consumption and high efficiency. With aluminum backed PCBs being the founding for most of the high lumen output LED applications. They also allow for increase in the use of low cost LED lighting solutions. Aluminum backed PCBs make possible for a higher level of thermal heat transfer to be achieved within the PCB on which the LEDs are mounted. 

It is no doubt that PCBs are a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide range of industries. Whatever the application, a PCB can be the foundation as cost-effective and easy fabrication solution.

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