Parallel and Series Wiring Terminals

Dated:2016-12-26      Popularity:1163

Parallel and series wiring terminals are commonly used by the PCB designers, each has its unique advantages. No matter you use one kind or both types, all depends on the requirements and systems. 

Parallel connection is able to deliver complete signal in a fast speed and without distortion. The load in the long-term will not affect the long drive transmission and its signal edge speeds, but the long-term direction will delay the signal delivery time. When driving large fanout, short-term load may be distributed along the branch, unlike as in series termination must be lumped load line terminal.

Series termination method of driving the circuit several parallel lines load capacity, delay time increment series ended wiring caused due to the capacitive load than the corresponding approximately parallel side wiring doubled in size, while the short-term due to the capacitive load so that the edge slow down and drive gate delay time is increased, however, the series end crosstalk than the parallel wiring terminal wiring should be small, mainly due to the amplitude of the signal transmitted in series along side wiring logic swing is only half, so switching current parallel termination is only half of the switching current, small signal energy will crosstalk is small.


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