Power High Frequency Transistors

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NPN High Frequency Power Transistor

Power transistors are suited for applications where a lot of power is being used current and voltage. The collector of the transistor is connected to a metal base that acts as a heat sink to dissipate excess power. Typical power ratings range from around 10 to 300 W, with frequency ratings from about 1 to 100 MHz. Maximum Ic values range between 1 to 100 A. Power transistors come in both NPN and PNP forms.

High frequency transistors are transistors that are used for small signals that run at high frequencies for high-speed switching applications. These transistors are used for high frequency signals and must be able to switch on and off at very high speeds. High frequency transistors are used in HF, VHF, UHF, CATV, and MATV amplifier and oscillator applications. They have a maximum frequency rating of about 2000 MHz and maximum Ic currents from 10 to 600mA. They are available in both NPN and PNP forms.


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