Power Sources for Printed Circuit Boards

Dated:2016-07-20      Popularity:1028

Solar Panel

With product designers building smaller devices for the masses, engineers must get creative when it comes to choosing a power source and other components for their printed circuit boards. In addition to needing a large enough capacity to support battery life, it is also necessary to have a sustainable energy source that will lessen environmental impact and improve end user experience. 

The following three methods are the common way for us to use. 
Sunlight – Solar panels and chargers harvest sunlight to power energy stores and provide homes and phones alike with the juice they need.
Movement – Automatic watches have been harnessing the power of movement for years. As we move into the future, phones and even buildings will be able to convert human energy into electricity.
Body Heat – Wearable devices are in development that can take body heat from an individual and convert it to energy. These will then power electronics and other equipment for first responders and in emergency situations.

Sunlight  Movement  Body Heat  

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