Preparation for PCB Components

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Printed Circuit Board

When you design a printed circuit board, you should take components into consideration at the same time. You can either ask your PCB manufacturer to order the required components for you or do it yourself if you have vendors selected. But four things should be kept in mind:

Lead Time: Some of your needed components may be in short or not so easy to get it if you suddenly order them, and not all components you want can purchase from one vendor. To avoid lacking components, you should purchase at 2~4 months before your cooperated manufacturer begin to fabricate PCB boards as per your Gerber file.

Packaging: You should require components in reels for SMT machine automatic pick-up, not in separate packages.

Minimum Order Quantity: Check the minimum order quantity of your component. If you’re buying less than the minimum, make sure the selected components are in-stock. For small quantities that no more than 50 you can order online. For greater quantities, ask your manufacturer for recommendations.

Losses: Order 10% more to account for losses, but this does not apply to the expensive components.


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