Preparations for PCB Soldering

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PCB soldering plays critical role in the whole printed circuit board fabrication process, so the preparations for PCB soldering can’t be ignored. EPCB regard that the following 4 necessary equipment need to prepare before soldering PCBs.

1. Soldering iron has appropriate heat control. The best iron shall feature ESD safe, high power and temperature control. 25W is better for small projects, while 100W for larger jobs. If possible, variable temperature irons are available, and the tip temperature can be controlled to suit the size of the job.

2. Solder wire contains appropriate alloy. If you are new to soldering, solder alloy consists 60% tin and 40% lead is a better choice. Various lead-free alloys are available, and they are popular for safe and effective benefits. 

3. Get flux-cored wire. Flux is an additive in solder used to remove and prevent oxidation and improve the wetting characteristics of the liquid solder. There are different types of flux cores for solder wire, and rosin is most commonly used, especially by hobbyists. 

4. Use clamp to hold components. Obviously, components that need to be soldered on the printed circuit boards are usually quite small, and you'll need tweezers or something like that to hold them in the specified place when you use the soldering iron. Besides, some clamps are sometimes best to hold the board in place when you solder components.

After the above 4 necessary equipment getting ready, you can solder your components more smoothly. 

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