Prepare Your Case Carefully before Sourcing in China

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How to source PCB manufacturers in China in a simple and efficient way really matters. Today, it is easy to source numerous so-called professional PCB manufacturers but hard to sort them out.

Time is money and efficient sourcing is important as it will directly impact the cost of your sourcing activity. In this blog, we will explain how to improve your efficiency but reduce time when sourcing manufacturers in China. This is particularly useful if you plan to develop new product in China with manufacturers.

Have all the documentation and instructions in place is a must do. It can consume slightly your time upfront but will save hours highly later. Files including in your sourcing care are listed as follows:

a. A file that explain why you are requesting a quotation: indicate who you are, who you source for, what are the assignment of the quote, your own rules for quote, what is the deadline to reply, the do and don't, the people who should answer this form, indicate your process of supplier selection, etc.

b. Clear specifications of your product

c. Drawing with measurement, tolerances

d. Your target price that can indirectly them you know the market, however you should mention that target price may also be discussed and optimized.

e. Quantities, procurement time, payment terms, and packaging requirement.

f. If your specifications have flexibilities, then you should give this freedom and opportunities to the vendors to propose other products. Sometimes they don't have the product you want but they may have a substitute that may fit your need.

g. Tell them your acceptable defective rate. 0% is totally unrealistic in China, and small companies are between 5% and 15%. 


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