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PCB Board

PCB manufacture requires PCB design and electronic circuitry integration skills to meet space constraints, as well as cost and verification. Validation also includes many compliance with existing industry standards and the applications they design. There are many PCB design software, the most popular one are Altium, Eagle and OrCAD. The designed board for commercial manufacturing is converted into Gerber file. Each software has its own Gerber file generation process.

This is a complete product development process. In this process, the first basic requirement is to choose the number of layers for PCB design, currently many PCB manufacturers can reach 40 layers. It takes a while to build a circuit board which may last from a few hours to a few days. This will increase manufacturing costs. 

Various materials in the market are available for circuit board manufacture, such as PF or epoxy or polyester resins, fiber based materials, fire proof materials, and the like. PCB board manufacturing costs are also affected by material thickness, copper weight, wiring space, etc.

PCB board manufacture requires shape consideration based on the customer needs. They have different shapes, such as rectangular, round or custom special shapes. Commercial circuit board manufacture requires additional features, such as a green solder mask layer to protect the circuit board from environmental influences and false contact between copper traces. Solder masks for circuit board manufacture also have other colors, such as red, white, blue, black and yellow. The identification layer of white silkscreen is also part of the final steps of the PCB to help readers and design engineers identify the components that are soldered or mounted on the surface.

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