Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

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printed circuit boards

Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing begins with the design process, where the circuit design is prepared in software on the computer. After this step, the coated sheet is prepared for PCB fabrication. Select the sheet according to the needs and design of the printed circuit board. Low-thickness sheets are commonly used, which are prepared using glass, epoxy sheets and copper. With the help of a conventional cutting machine or laser cutter, these sheets are tailored according to the size requirements of the printed circuit board.

After the board has been prepared, the next step in the PCB manufacturing process is to use a CNC machine to drill holes based on the PCB design. After this step, start the main process of flat printing. With UV lights, the virtual frame is used for the exposure track. After this process, the virtual frame is rinsed with water to increase the visibility of the track. The virtual track is now placed (printed) on the copper raw material (sheet) by means of ink.

After this step, the printed copper chips are placed in an oven to dry the ink. After 15 minutes, the sheets are sent for etching. During the etching process, auxiliary devices other than circuit tracks are removed with the help of ammonia spray. In the next step of printed circuit board manufacturing, these sheets are sent to a brushing machine for cleaning. After using such a masking process according to the requirements of the circuit design, a white mask is manufactured, for example, in LED PCB. After the masking step, the sheets are placed in the oven again at a temperature of 130 to 150 degrees Celsius. After 30 minutes, remove the paper from the oven. Now, PCB sheet has completed 80% of the entire circuit board manufacturing process. On these prepared PCB boards, electronic components are assembled and soldered. These components include transistors, capacitors, inductors, resistors, and other electromechanical components. Now, PCB can finally be used in electronic products, mobile phones and other fields.

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