Printed Circuit Board Selection

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When selecting the right material to fabricate the high-quality printed circuit board, the complexity is increased for choosing raw materials with matching specifications. Since only a small amount of materials is really required for the fabrication of a PCB, the choice is quite straightforward.

PCB Dielectric Layer

Dielectric Selection
The clad board dielectric must be pure and immune to the parasitic effects to prevent unnecessary signal loss through the dielectric. It should also be temperature resistant to sustain the insulating properties. Therefore, multilayer PCB dielectric material is usually a expensive counterpart because it must provide an ideal insulation for lower thickness.

Layer Selection
PCB designer need to fix the layer to their requirement based on the PCB type like single layer, double layer or multilayer. Although the compactness of double or multi layer PCBs is cost-effective, in few cases it may require a single layer to provide high power and good isolation. The onboard antenna must have the freedom to radiate space to work properly.

Physical Layout Selection 
The first step in PCB design is to determine the physical structure of the PCB like the size and orientation. Although the PCB can be constructed into any desired shape due to the convenience of modern design tools, it is advisable to choose the final structure without any practical interference.

Trace Selection 
To achieve the maximum efficiency of the system, it is really important to design a right copper thickness. Due to material resistance, PCB board is limited to design low resistance paths to provide maximum efficiency. However, trace width can be achieved through various methods ranging from coating an extra layer to tinning the trace with without additional conductors.

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