Protel Print Settings

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Here we outline how to set your Protel print for your reference. 

SCH print settings are relatively simple. Just enter 0 in Top Bottom Left Right on Margins, and then click Refresh, so that the largest page can be used, and the printed SCH diagram is also larger.

PCB Setup: Open File> Setup Printer ... to set the settings before printing.

In the pop-up Printer Setup menu, select your printer first. The first few are the default printer, the latter two are the printer installed by us, (my machine is like this). One suffix is the Final, another is Composite. The former means that the printer only prints one layer per time no matter you choose how many layers, the latter means printer can print all layers at a time according to choice.

Next, click the Options button below to set the properties. Suppose we select Final and then set settings in Options, generally, we don’t use the option as default Scale for the printing ratio is1:1 here, if you want to print full page, just mark small box. The Show Hole on the right is quite important, because PCB holes can be printed just by selecting it.

Finally, just click Setup to set the paper size, and then the printer Options is completed. However, you still need to select layers on dialog box of the printer properties according to your needs.

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