Questions You Need to Ask Your PCB Manufacturer (Part 2)

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Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Perfect flex circuit board design requires excellent PCB board manufacturer to fabricate, so how to choose the one that will perform the best for your requirements is an important element to the success of you application. In this article, we will tell you how to judge a PCB manufacturer just by asking several questions. 

4. The location of a manufacturer
The location of a manufacturer can have a significant effect on the engineering process. A domestic manufacturer may not be aware of higher volume off-shore manufacturing methods that, beyond cost savings, could benefit the design. We’ve come across designs that where prototyped domestically but where not designed or optimized for volume off-shore production which caused significant issues and costs as the design transitioned into production.
While domestic manufacturing may allow for quicker prototype delivery, off-shore prototyping does not take significantly longer, is less expensive, and ensures an optimized production ready design that allows for a seamless transition to preproduction and production volumes.

5. Specific certifications are available or not?
It is important to ensure that your manufacturer supports any additional certification requirements that may only come to apply once the design is beyond the prototype stage. Some of the more common are ISO13485, AS9100, ITAR, customer specific requirements, UL, and IPC 6013 Class 3. Not all manufacturers support all standards and some may impact the design requirements.

When looking for a flexible circuit board manufacturer, remember these five questions. It might not be a bad good idea to look back at your current PCB manufacturer.

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