Questions You Need to Ask Your PCB Manufacturer

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Perfect flex circuit board design requires excellent PCB board manufacturer to fabricate, so how to choose the one that will perform the best for your requirements is an important element to the success of you application. In this article, we will tell you how to judge a manufacturer just by asking several questions. 

1.Is design support available?

Exceptional design support is critical to the success of a project utilizing flex circuits in their products. The extent of the design support required can range from initial concept review to final data set Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review. 
Reviewing a concept early in the design process is an important and time saving step. This consists of first validating the application of either a flex or a rigid–flex circuit as the most effective solution. Secondly, identify the required technology to best meet the design requirements. 
Once a solution has been determined, you should receive ongoing support during the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and Gerber layout processes; this facilitates and reduces the cycle time of the design process while ensuring the design meets all requirements.
The final element will be the DFM review of a finished data set. The combination of the above levels of support prevents any costly and time consuming re-engineering.

2. Follow IPC 2223 Design Standards or not?

This standard covers a very wide range of flexible and rigid–flex technologies and applications. It is critical to ensuring that a design will be both functional and reliable. Due to its wide scope it requires manufacturer to evaluate a design and then identify the specifics within IPC 2223 that apply and which do not. Failing to adhere to all IPC 2223 elements that apply to a specific design will lead to significant performance, reliability, and manufacturability issues.

3. Is budgetary quote support available?

A manufacturer should be willing to support customers with accurate budgetary quotes at the early design stage. This provides customers with important cost information to let them decide how to move forward with a specific design. 

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