Rechargeable Battery Specifications

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Common batteries specifications include the type of cell the battery, standard voltage, mAH, standard charge and rapid charge. In this article, EPCB hope you can learn more about rechargeable battery specifications. 

Standard Charge: Cause the standard charge is the only type of batteries which can be recharged, so it also means rechargeable batteries now. The standard charge is the normal amount of time which it takes to recharge a battery back to its full capacity or power. The time it takes normally depends on the amounts of hours it takes to charge the battery at the amount of current fed into the battery. For example, a standard battery may needs 16 hours to charge up back to full power when fed 300mA of current.

Rapid Charge: Many rechargeable batteries also come with a rapid charge specification. The rapid charge is a quicker way to recharge a battery; in simple words, it uses much shorter time but a greater amount of current than standard charge when recharging batteries. However, rapid charge will affect the lifetime of batteries to some degree compared to the standard charge.


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