Resin Plug Hole PCB

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Resin Plug Hole PCB

In multilayer PCBs, the entire layer is directly connected to ground and power. So we classify the layers into the signal layer, power layer, and ground layer. If components on the PCB require different power supplies, often this PCB type has more than two layers of power and wiring.

The process of PCB resin plug hole includes drilling, plating, plugging, baking, grinding, drilling the hole after thoroughly plating the hole through, then re-plug the resin, the following is baking, the last is to grind it. Polished resin does not contain copper, so a layer of copper needs to be plated on it in order to turn it into a PAD.

Green ink plug hole is a simple step during the whole PCB fabrication process. It can be done in the solder mask clean room, together with the surface ink process, or you can do the printing first and then plug the hole. However, the quality of the green ink plug hole is not as good as the resin plug hole, because the green plug hole will shrink after curing, thus this way can not achieve excellent PCB product quality. 

The two are mainly different in fullness, other aspects like the resistance of acid-bases, the resin plug holes are all better than green ink plug holes. Plating plug hole is filled with copper via hole, thus its hole surface is full of metal. While resin plug hole is filled with epoxy resin by plating copper in the vias first, and then plate copper again on the resin surface. The effect is that the hole can be turned on, and no dents on the surface which won’t affect the PCB soldering process.

According to applications, PCB can be divided into single-sided board, double-sided board, 4+multilayer board, and flex board. In general, the more complex functions of electronic products, the longer the loop distance, the more number of contacts, the more layers PCB requires, such as high-end consumer electronics, information and communication products, etc. The flex PCB board is mainly used in the following products like laptops, cameras, car meters, etc.

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