Resistors in Series and in Parallel

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Formula for Resistors in Parallel

In this article, we will go over how resistors add in series and how they add in parallel.

Resistors in Series: Resistors in series are resistors that are placed back-to-back. The current can only have one path for them to flow through a series circuit. When resistors are in series, as the formula shows below, they simply add together. Thus, the total resistance of a series circuit will always be greater than any of the individual resistor values. The formula to calculate the total series resistance of a circuit is: RT = R1+R2+R3+ …

Resistors in Parallel: Resistors in parallel are resistors that are connected side-by-side in different branches of a circuit. Unlike a series circuit, when current is travelling through a parallel circuit, the current can take various paths through the circuits, such as to go through any of the branches of the resistors. Formula for resistors in parallel is shown as the above picture. When resistors are in parallel, the total resistance value is always less than the smallest resistor of the circuit. In other words, when resistors are in parallel, the total resistance is always less than any of the values of the resistors. 


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