Rigid-Flex PCB Design

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Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCB board is a flex circuit board flex made up of rigid and flexible substrates which are laminated together into a single structure. It is easily confused with rigidized-flex boards, which are simply flex boards to which a stiffener is used to support the weight of the electronic components.

Many designers assume that design a rigid-flex PCB board project may be more pricey than FR-4 PCB board. PCB designers should consider more factors when design rigid-flex PCB board, because its manufacture has the most complicated process and that can increase manufacturing cost a lot.

Most rigid-flex PCB designers’ design minds are different from those who design traditional FR-4 PCB board. You can design multiple FR-4 PCBs into one design for some project; while if you use rigid-flex board, just only one design is needed with a rigid-flex PCB. Thar’s because most of FR-4 PCB board need multiple cables to connect, but rigid-flex PCBs do not need them.

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