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SMT technology is largely used during the fabrication process of electronic devices. It is able to generate mass-produced, smaller, lighter boards with fewer fabrication steps and less setup time, reducing cycle times and fabrication complexity. That’s why PCBs use SMT technology are less expensive and more cost-effective for use in electronics or other products. However, things have two sides; EPCB lists some disadvantages about SMT board construction as follows:

1. Construction of prototypes or manual fabrication is more difficult.
2. Board repair of components is more challenging, not easily done by manual means.
3. Use breadboard materials for construction are not available for SMDs.
4. SMD construction is not suitable when there are requirements for high power or large high-voltage parts.
5. Thermal cycling potting compounds can damage SMD solder connections.
6. Capital outlay for SMT equipment is considerable.
7. SMT design requires more advanced skills than traditional through-hole methods.
8. Not all components are available as SMDs. In such cases through-hole design will remain the only alternative.


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