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An important part of the design process for PCBs is making sure that your boards are scored correctly so that they can work as you expected in your final assembly. Scoring for printed circuit boards involves a “V” groove cut into the top and bottom surfaces of your PCB array and is done when your boards are placed together side by side and end to end with no gap between edges.

When you place an order for your printed circuit boards that require scoring, it is important to clearly describe your requirement on the order form. The standard V-score angles in EPCB involve 20, 30, 45, 60 degrees, but other degree angle is also available for a premium price. In order to allow the whole fabrication process to go smoothly, you should be definitely sure to indicate locations of the score line in your uploaded gerber file. This will allow manufacturers to see exactly how your PCBs need to be scored so that you can get satisfied printed circuit boards with high quality.


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