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There are numerous PCB manufacturers in each country, thus buyers always feel confused about how to choose a suitable one. In this article, EPCB continues to outline some tips, and hope it can help you. 

Tip 6: Defective Rate
  Defective rate really matters. You should learn how many PCBs over 100 final boards have to rework by them, because that indirectly affects the delivery time, espescially when the order volume is large. Though most of supplier will tell you they have less than 1% defective rate, the reality is often well different. So pay more attention about defective rate, and make sure it’s a true data.

Tip 7: The Way they Apply Solder Paste
  When apply solder paste, use an automatic or a semi-automatic machine is better than labor soldering. That’s because human mistakes are proved usually in higher rate than machine mistakes, and machine can work 24h a day which is more efficient than human labor, so it is better to choose a PCB manufacturer with such machines. 

Tip 8: Whether their Workers are Qualified for Hand Placement or not
  Hand placement is necessary in the PCB fabrication process, but whether workers are qualified for hand placement really matters. That’s because sometimes a particular type of components cannot be easily placed just by using pick and place machine. So you need to make sure those workers have well trained before and are able to do it even for tiny components. 

Tip 9: The Way they Store Materials 
  As humidity in the air can cause oxidation and corrosion, so you need to check vacuum sealed package carefully when you get delivered components or PCBs. That’s because printed circuit boards and components can oxidate with air and humidity, making that you cannot use them easily later on when you have to solder them again. 


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