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Semiconductor Chip

Whenever some big electronics giant or gadget sees a decline, it hits a big list of other companies which depends on them. In this article, EPCB introduces three eras about electronics which affected the semiconductor industry a lot.

PC Era
Over the last 2 decades, semiconductor companies sharply grew depending on the demand of the electronic device. PC market fed the growth of the semiconductor companies, and big giants like Intel, Toshiba, etc. built enormous facilities to manufacture and supply semiconductor ICs. The growth in PC indirectly led to an equally enormous growth of electronics in the associated peripherals like keyboard, mouse, web cameras, etc. 

Internet Era
The internet era came quickly after the PC which fueled two markets: one is the PC market, and another is the networking electronics and server market. With internet ruling the roost, networking infrastructure companies added to the semiconductor rush. Again the semiconductor industry was booming.

Mobile Era
Smartphones started occupying the position of the market leader when PCs were steadily growing for little over a decade. Again, the volumes were even higher than PCs and semiconductor industry was chugging along happily. 
Every light bulb and door knob would have some sort of electronics and connectivity, thereby promoting the semiconductor industry's increasing sales volume.


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