Semiconductors in PCB Board

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A final printed circuit board contains lots of components, such as semiconductors, interconnects, chips, etc., all play great important role in operating a high-quality printed circuit boards. In this article, the semiconductor will be described by EPCB.

The semiconductor is a component including conductor’s property and insulator’s property, which can conduct electricity in some certain conditions. It is largely used in the PCB board or other types of circuit board to get the current controlled, which means semiconductor has greater conductivity than insulators but less conductivity than conductors. That’s because its conductor is determined by current or voltage volume. Three common types of semiconductors are briefly introduced as follows:

Superconductor: They can conduct the current without any loss, but such property can only be achieved by cooling down the certain material at extremely low temperature.

Transistors: A transistor is a three-terminal device used in electronic applications or printed circuit boards. They are usually used to control, amplify and rectify current and voltage. 

Diodes: A diode is an electronic device with p-n junction, only allowing current to flow in one direction. They are commonly used to convert alternating current to direct current, because they can pass the positive part of the wave while block the negative part.

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