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Copper Foil

We have noticed that the price of printed circuit board has dramatically increased in the second half of 2016 in China, and lots of customers abroad greatly concern about how will the PCB price going in 2017? EPCB, as a local PCB board manufacturer, will give a brief analysis about the main materials’ market.

Epoxy Resin: Its price has just increased a little, but that doesn’t mean it can keep stable in 2017. The future price of epoxy resin will be largely determined by the international oil prices and chemical material prices.

Glass Fiber: The domestic glass fiber industry is in a high boom period; its price has increased from about 0.48USD/m July to 1.06USD/m Dec. The price tends to increase in Jan 2017. Luckily, March is expected as a slack season for electronic market in China, the price may go down gradually.

Copper Foil: Copper foil price is about 9,090 USD/ton before July, consisting of about 5,800USD/ton raw copper material cost and 3,300USD/ton processing cost. However, the processing cost sharply increased to about 8500USD/ton due to short supply since Aug., and the raw material has soared to 6,500USD/ton since Nov. Since new alternative material for copper foil hasn’t found yet, PCB customers still need to bear the high price. 


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