Signal Considerations for a PCB Stackup

Dated:2016-12-26      Popularity:1218

4-Layer Circuit Board

To design a perfect PCB stackup, you’d better take the signal integrity into considerations. EPCB regards that three signal integrity factors should be considered when working on a PCB stackup, and they are listed as follows: 

Impedance Control and Proper Termination: In order to meet your setup budgets, keep the small reflections is a good way in a PCB stackup. Proper termination helps absorb reflections and impedance control helps keep small reflections. 

Crosstalk Reduction: The coupled noise in your traces can be reduced by reduce the crosstalk, at the same time, your noise margin will be increased. Use a larger trace to trace spacing is always a better and simple way to improve crosstalk. 

PCB Material Loss: The larger the loss the more your signal will attenuate, and the more noisy it may cause in your signals. Pay more attention to material loss when design a PCB stackup.

Understanding the PCB stackup from a signal integrity aspect will benefit you a lot, such as, to avoid noisy signals, avoid over budget, etc. And hope you can get some useful information from this article.


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