Simple Electronic Projects for Teens

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Some of the best simple electronic projects for teens are those that involve light-emitting diodes, known as LEDs. These simple projects have a visual output that helps teenagers know that the project is working properly while they learn about electronics. Some other simple electronic projects for teens include remote control testers, dark and light sensors, and sound-activated switches. 

One of the simplest electronics projects for teens is a simple LED circuit that involves a battery, an LED and a current-limiting resistor. In this circuit, the battery powers the LED, turning it on. In order to work properly, the positive terminal of the battery must be connected to the LED anode while the negative battery terminal is connected to the LED cathode. This demonstration teaches teens how current flows in an electronic system. After mastering a simple LED circuit, teens can learn more by placing switches or additional components in the circuit.

Another simple electronic project for teens is a dark-sensing circuit that uses two transistors, a light-dependent resistor, an LED, a battery and several bias resistors. In this type of circuit, the LED will turn on when the light-dependent resistor is in a dark environment. Although this type of project is more complex than a simple LED circuit, it teaches teens how transistors and light-dependent electronic devices work.

Electronic Projects  

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