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With the rapid development of PCB high-speed signal design, electronic circuit design faces more complicated challenges, such as signal integrity, power integrity, thermal, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. The introduction of simulation verification methods in the design will greatly enhance product development efficiency, design correctness, thus PCB related products can be quickly launched to the market. Mentor Graphics' HyperLynx software is a widely used PCB design simulation tool in the PCB industry which can support simulation analysis of mainstream EDA software including Cadence, Altium, etc.

HyperLynx includes LineSim, BoardSim and multiboard analysis functions, which can help PCB designers to conduct comprehensive simulation analysis of PCB networks from MHz to GHz, eliminate design risks and improve design success rate. HyperLynx functional modules include:

1.HyperLynx Signal Integrity

HyperLynx SI is divided into LineSim and BoardSim, frequency coverage ranges from MHz to GHz.

LineSim can simulate the high-speed signal of the schematic before the PCB layout, analyze the signal transmission effect under the virtual stackup structure and routing parameters, optimize the PCB stackup structure, wiring impedance and high-speed design rules (line width, line length, spacing, etc.).

BoardSim can import PCB design files, extract stackup structure and physical parameters, calculate characteristic impedance of the transmission line, and check the signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility.

Its main features are as follows:

a.Supports impedance planning and calculation for various transmission lines;

b.Supports reflection/ crosstalk/ loss/ via effects and EMC analysis;

c.Provides serial, parallel, and differential matching schemes for high-speed networks;

d.Provides various design packages, such as DDR, DDRII, USB, SATA, PCIX, etc.

2.HyperLynx Power Integrity

HyperLynx PI includes LineSim and BoardSim power integrity analysis capabilities including DC voltage drop analysis, AC decoupling analysis, planar noise analysis, model extraction, etc.

Its main features are as follows:

a.Determines the area on the PCB board where the current is too density;

b.Analyzes distribution impedance of power supply system at different points on the PCB board;

c.Analyzes the different effects caused by the placement of different capacitors, and installation methods;

d.Simulates noise transmitted from IC supply pins and vias to the entire board;

e.Creates a highly accurate via model with bypass and power plane effects;

f.Supports all major PCB design tools.

3.HyperLynx DRC

HyperLynx DRC is a design rule check tool that supports complex design rule verification such as EMI/EMC, trace cross-reference plane change, shielding and via inspection, and quick positioning of potential board issues to avoid errors caused by EMI/EMC, SI, PI, etc.

4.HyperLynx 3D EM

HyperLynx 3D EM is an electromagnetic field simulation optimization tool for 3D structures. It can verify PCB board's electromagnetic design for simulation verification of PCB board level, package, radio frequency (RFIC), microwave (MMIC), and antenna design.

Its main features are as follows:

a.Provides microstrip model libraries, such as transmission lines, branch structures, etc.;

b.Supports various analysis for antenna, array antenna, microwave devices, monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC), low temperature ceramic cofired (LTCC), high temperature superconductivity (HTS), etc.

5.HyperLynx Analog

HyperLynx Analog provides analog mixed-circuit simulation analysis capabilities that can reduce the number of design errors caused by data transfer in different tools, thereby, increase the design reliability.

6. HyperLynx Thermal

HyperLynx Thermal is used for PCB board thermal analysis. PCB designers use temperature curves, gradients, and over-temperature graphs to effectively solve overheating issues of PCB boards and components.

HyperLynx Thermal for PCB Board

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